"Youth of the plains"

Publication Date08 November 2021
AuthorTzvi Fishman
A famous example from the last century is the hippie revolution which pitted young idealist Americans against a corrupt government and money-driven corporate establishment. More recently, the murder of George Floyd in America sparked violent protests throughout the country which led to the cultural upheaval which is still shaking the country. Notably, most of today's rebelling "soldiers" are young Blacks backed by young white liberals who believe that what they view as the exploitation of Black People and all minorities must end.

Perhaps it was this fervor for equality and freedom which led a group of young Native American Indians in Nevada to establish a make-shift settlement on the outskirts of Las Vegas. The settlement, which was built almost overnight and set up to look like an Indian village of old with Teepee-like tents and Totem poles, immediately attracted a frenzy of media attention.

And almost immediately, the Nevada law enforcement agencies arrived on the scene with a small army of police and bulldozers and destroyed the encampment, claiming that the young Indians lacked official building permits and that the settlement posed a security hazard to the adjacent highway leading to the city of Las Vegas. In response, the settler group which calls itself "The Youth of the Plains" and whose members dress like young Indian warriors, claimed that the area was rightfully Indian territory, formally inhabited by the Washoe, Paiute, and Shoshone tribes before the State of Nevada existed.

Undaunted by the destruction of their would-be village, the young Indians regathered and erected another overnight settlement, this time even closer to the city of Las Vegas, the gambling capital of the world, which sits on land, the group maintains, that was also stolen from their ancestors by the United States Government. Needless to say, not wanting to risk a potentially problematic court involvement over who legally owns the multi-billion dollar city, one of the richest cities in the world, the Nevada police once again arrived at the settlement and razed it to the ground, arresting more than a dozen of the young Indians on the scene.

News of the seeming injustice spread quickly in what looked to be the kind of David and Goliath story that the media loves. People behind the George Floyd "Black Lives Matter" movement immediately contacted the young Indians to offer their support and several civil rights law firms stepped forward to represent the "Youth of the Plains"...

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