Yair Netanyahu: 'They aren't protesters or even anarchists. They're terrorists'

Published date02 March 2023
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
Police were summoned to extricate the Prime Minister's wife; ultimately, hundreds of officers, many of them mounted, were needed to ensure her safe passage

"If it had been right-wing protesters doing something like that to the wife of [Opposition leader Yair] Lapid, or [former Prime Minister] Ehud Barak, or [former Prime Minister Naftali] Bennett while they were serving as prime minister, the police would have dragged them bleeding from the sidewalk straight into the police or Shin Bet's interrogation rooms," the younger Netanyahu wrote, adding, "and the judge and prosecution service would have extended their detention until 2040."

"These were not protesters," he wrote in a later tweet. "They're not even anarchists. They are terrorists! A violent underground movement has arisen here, financed by evil and criminal billionaires. This is Domestic Terrorism. Even if it takes a while, in the end, they...

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