Voices from the Arab press: From the Gulf to the Red Sea

Published date02 June 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
Al-Ahram, Egypt, May 27

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My recent trip to Jeddah was not merely for political commentary on the Arab League Summit; I also acted as part of an Egyptian media delegation, engaged in dialogues with colleagues across the Arab world. For me, the journey was an opportunity to assess what had transpired in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one year after another summit – an Arab-American summit.

Egypt's transition from the symbolic "river to the sea" is being realized; the Nile epitomizes our nation's existence while the sea translates into broadened horizons through our country's connections to three continents. Likewise, Saudi Arabia's geographic, demographic, and geo-economic factors lend it a unique weight in the Gulf region, evidenced by its population, oil resources, and the ever-growing Iranian threat.

A momentous new development on the Red Sea, in the Al-Ula Governorate, is coming to life these days, with the construction of the city of Neom, which promises to be a technological marvel. Likewise, Jeddah, the port city, is also experiencing a revival with the introduction of tourism, logistics, island development, and even the establishment of a regional organization for the Red Sea.

This surge marks a major transformation that will diversify the region's revenue sources, and realize its goal of becoming an essential hub located near the tri-continental juncture of Asia, Europe, and Africa. It is important to note that these changes do not diminish the importance of the Nile in Egypt or the Gulf in Saudi Arabia, but rather create an additional powerhouse that increases the strength of the Arab world while opening up a range of unprecedented opportunities for its citizens. – Abdel Monem Said

DeSantis and the Road to the White House

Al Arabiya, Saudi Arabia, May 26

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his intention to run for the US presidential primary race in 2024. The young governor has become a phenomenon in the Republican Party and is perhaps the only competition to former president Donald Trump, who is advancing, despite all hardships, in his bid to again clinch the Republican nomination.

It is undeniable that DeSantis has a charismatic persona, a glowing record, and a family unit that almost looks like that of the late president John F. Kennedy. Indeed, Ron DeSantis has all the attributes that have led politicians to enter the White House. With a doctorate in law from prestigious Harvard University, DeSantis is considered to be a member of the highly educated American intelligentsia. His service in the US Armed Forces, along with the Bronze Star for his bravery, has enabled him to obtain the so-called "green light" from the military.

DeSantis' foray into politics began when he served in the US House of Representatives from 2013 to 2018, before officially becoming the governor of Florida in 2019. Yet where the young governor stands ideologically is still a conundrum to many, especially given the numerous stances...

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