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  • Can Lapid, Herzog's panel plan save Israel amid judicial reform crisis? - editorial

    There is encouraging movement afoot regarding the fissure that has cracked open Israeli society in light of the coalition's insistence on a complete overhaul of our judicial system.

  • Senators describe 'optimism' after Middle East tour

    WASHINGTON — Judging by her response to a question at a press briefing on Tuesday, Jackie Rosen had likely read the headlines involving Israel she had made over the past week. She was prepared to deflect.

  • Grapevine January 25, 2023: Pause to remember

    Friday, January 27, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, as declared by the United Nations. The date was chosen for its symbolism. Auschwitz, the most notorious of the Nazi death camps, was liberated by the Red Army on January 27, 1945.

  • Operation Break the Wave: 11 arrested in raid of West Bank

    11 suspects connected to terrorist activities were arrested in an overnight raid of Palestinian West Bank villages by Israeli security forces, the IDF said on Wednesday morning.

  • Gulf's investments in Egypt keep its economy afloat and provide benefits in return

    Egypt is facing a serious economic crisis that includes a sharp drop in its currency against the dollar, food insecurity, a soaring cost of living and a large foreign debt. Its allies in the Gulf are playing a key role in keeping its economy afloat through heavy investment, but this also brings great benefits to the investing countries which get to fulfill their own interests in return.

  • Over 250 senior economists: Judicial reforms will damage Israel's economy

    Over 250 senior Israeli economists published a letter on Wednesday warning that the coalition's proposed judicial reforms will damage Israel's economy, just a day after Bank of Israel head Amir Yaron reportedly said the same in a meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday and after a list of other professional groups warning against the reforms.

  • Fix Israel's high prices, cost of living with true free-market system - opinion

    The rise in the cost of living in Israel is unbearable. Even basic groceries have become too expensive and it does not seem that there is a real solution to the ongoing problem. Politicians have convinced the Israeli population that the source of the problem is the action of the current government or the previous one, depending on their political situation. However, what politicians have failed to mention to the public is that the problem is not a right-wing attitude versus a left-wing one.

  • Israel needs films about Irgun, Lehi fighting the British - opinion

    The British Mandatory authorities, under an increasing onslaught by fighters of the Hebrew underground resistance against their rule, renewed at the beginning of 1944, launched Operation Snowball on October 19, 1944, quickly, efficiently and with surprise.

  • Hezbollah, Iran's next move as Lebanon's politics reach an impasse - analysis

    A judge investigating the 2020 Beirut port explosion resumed his work this week in a surprise that may cast a shadow over key figures in Lebanon. Lebanese Judge Tarek Bitar has been slammed by Hezbollah in the past and his work interrupted since December, 2021.

  • Fire breaks out in Afula home

    A fire broke out in a private residence in Afula, prompting an emergency response from fire brigades.

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