Knesset passes 2022 budget

Publication Date05 November 2021
AuthorShirit Avitan Cohen
After the voting foul-up, the clause in question had to be returned to the Knesset Finance Committee to be approved again for second and third readings. The Committee procedure was completed by midnight, and the Knesset plenum then reconvened for another three hours of voting, which went smoothly.

Minister of Finance Avigdor Liberman said after the final vote, "We have approved a budget that brings stability to the political system and clarity to the Israeli economy. Thank you to everyone, and congratulations to the State of Israel."

United Arab List (Ra'am) leader Mansour Abbas said, "For our citizens this means good news and hope. For the first time, an Arab party has taken an important part in passing the budget and forming the coalition. This is an important step in the process of political integration and exercising the right to citizen partnership, and is matter of taking collective responsibility, for the good of all citizens, Arabs and Jews. Ra'am will continue to promote tolerant, bridge-building and responsible dialogue between all citizens of the state."

Opposition politicians on the other...

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