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  • Isrotel hotels provide safe haven for evacuees

    In recent years, Israel's tourism industry has faced an almost unimaginable sequence of upheavals: Covid, lockdowns, social distancing, and war, with some hotels opening their doors to masses of evacuees from the northern and southern borders.

  • Another senior professional leaves Transport Ministry

    Another senior official is leaving the Ministry of Transport: Shai Kedem, head of the Transport Planning Division, announced this morning that he would step down.

  • Perion plunges on Microsoft Bing search engine changes

    Israeli digital ad company Perion Network (Nasdaq: PERI; TASE: PERI) has published a profit warning for the first quarter of 2024 and cut its annual guidance due to a drop in income from search advertising because of changes in pricing and other mechanisms made by Microsoft's Bing search engine. The company's share price is down 37.39% on Nasdaq today at $13.21, giving a market cap of $636 million.

  • Bank of Israel keeps rate at 4.5%

    The Bank of Israel Monetary Committee, headed by Governor Prof. Amir Yaron, announced this afternoon that it is keeping the interest rate unchanged at 4.5%. Economists were split on whether the interest rate would remain unchanged or cut.

  • IWI unveils computerized small arms system

    Last week, Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), of the SK Group founded by Samy Katsav, unveiled a computerized small arms system - the Arbel. The system has three main components: a computer-based platform, an upgraded electronic trigger mechanism with sensors, and a new firing mode "Arbel". The Arbel system does not affect the operation of the gun, which can still be used as a standard weapon if the system's removable battery runs out.

  • ZOOZ Power completes SPAC merger

    The merger of ZOOZ Power (formerly Chakratec) into a US SPAC was completed last week, and the company began to be traded on the Nasdaq exchange on Friday. ZOOZ Power, headed by Boaz Weizer, develops kinetic storage solutions using flywheel technology for fast charging of electric vehicles. The share price of the SPAC fell by 69.6% in the days before the merger, from $13.47 on Tuesday of last week to $4.10 on Thursday. ZOOZ Power (TASE: AOOZ; Nasdaq: ZOOZ) opened on Friday at $3.58, and ended the day on $4.10.

  • Apartments sold and rented

    Second-hand apartments sold

  • Insurance software co Sapiens mulls sale

    Israeli insurance software company Sapiens International Corporation N.V. (TASE: SPNS; Nasdaq: SPNS), headed by Roni Al-Dor, may be sold. The company has a market cap of $1.8 billion, after a rise of nearly 60% in its share price in the past year. According to a report by Reuters, investment bank William Blair is exploring the possibility of a sale with potential buyers, among them private equity firms. Reuters also reports that the company began the process after identifying interest on the part of entities that could buy it last summer, but suspended it following the outbreak of war, and renewed it recently. The controlling shareholder in Sapiens is holding company Formula Systems (TASE: FORTY; Nasdaq: FORTY), with 43.6% stake.

  • Fightec to represent Italian defense co Teknel in Israel

    Israel's defense companies are in a boom period, and this does not apply just to the big three - Elbit Systems, Israel Aerospace industries, and Rafael - but to flourishing small companies as well.

  • Boycott drove McDonald's to buy Israel franchise - report

    McDonald's took the decision to buy its Israel franchise, CNBC reports, due to the fallout from the pro-Palestinian boycott against the fast food chain. McDonald's sales have fallen substantially since the start of the Israel-Hamas war in October following a global consumer boycott, especially in Arab and Muslim countries, alleging that the fast food chain has been supporting Israel's war effort, a claim the company strenuously denies.

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  • Export controls strangling Israel's cyberattack industry

    In the past few days a small, little-known Israeli cyberattack company called Nemesis shut down. The company, which tried to compete with NSO Group with spyware that takes control of smartphones, was never exposed by the media, and did not even have a company website but its closure marks for many...

  • Israel issues world's first digital bond

    The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: TASE), the office of the Accountant General at the Israeli Ministry of Finance, and three leading tech companies in the field (Fireblocks, VMWare and BlockFold) last week completed the proof of concept (PoC) phase for Project Eden, issuing a government digital...

  • Will a small Galilee factory deliver Nvidia's superconductor?

    Even at a distance, the Simtal Nano-Coatings factory stands out from its surroundings in the dusty Tsiporit industrial park in the Upper Galilee. The facade is mauve, and the color also dominates inside, where dozens of women work delicately alongside orderly rows of electronic boards, peering at...

  • His company just raised $238m, so what's eating Shlomo Kramer?

    In recent months, it's been hard to find Shlomo Kramer in a peaceful moment. The serial entrepreneur, a partner in founding companies like Check Point Software and Imperva, as well as a funder of many other companies as they started out - the most prominent of which is Palo Alto Networks - looks...

  • "Everybody cries"

    Kebe Dunn, wife of actor-comedian Michael Rapaport, hadn't seen her husband cry in a decade. But in December, during his visit to Israel, the floodgates opened. It happened when he met 17-year-old Ofir Engel, who had returned from Hamas captivity. That meeting came after weeks of Rapaport trying to ...

  • A trip to better management skills?

    The substances described in this article are illegal in Israel and their use, even in a controlled manner, may cause physiological and mental disorders....

  • Kenny Rozenberg: I mend broken companies

    In September 2020, as El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE:ELAL) was mired in debts of NIS 1 billion, and having failed to raise bank loans to save it from the Covid crisis, Uncle Sam came to the rescue. Kenny Rozenberg, until then a name few had heard of in Israel, invested $105 million in the airline ...

  • Alan Feld: Israel's tech sector barometer

    Recently, Israel's senior tech leaders gathered in an events hall on Tel Aviv's Menachem Begin Road for a private conference. Present were prominent investors like Eran Barkat of BRM, Yanai Oron of Vertex Ventures and Avi Eyal of Entrée Capital, but all were waiting for another person to speak:...

  • Israeli data analytics co Coralogix raises $142m

    Israeli in-stream data analytics company Coralogix today announced it has completed a $142 million Series D financing round. Most of the funds will go to the company for investment although some of the funds are being used to purchase shares from existing shareholders in a secondary deal. This...

  • Israel thwarts Hamas on the financial battlefield

    Two weeks into the war, the Israel Money Laundering and Terror Financing Prohibition Authority (IMPA) received secret intelligence information from two European countries that warned: "A large, well-known organization is raising funds for Hamas through posts on social networks, and fintech company...

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