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  • Minimum salary in Israel to rise 5% in April

    The minimum monthly salary in Israel will rise 5% on April 1 to NIS 5,571. The minimum salary is automatically revised through a linkage mechanism, which sets that the lowest salary that an employer can pay is 47.5% of the average salary in Israel.

  • Israel Tax Authority thwarts tax rebate companies

    In recent years companies have flourished that offer accessible online services for receiving tax rebates. Within minutes a form can be filled in and then the company does the work with the Israel Tax Authority and tells the client how much of a rebate they can expect. Of course this work is performed for a fee but now the Tax Authority has decided to play tough with these companies.

  • BioNTech to produce trial cancer vaccine in Jerusalem

    German biotechnology company BioNTech, which developed the Covid-19 vaccine marketed by Pfizer, has confirmed to "Globes" the announcement by Jerusalem mayor Moshe Lion of its intention to set up a vaccine plant in the city.

  • After near crash, oil price, exchange rate lift El Al

    Less than two years have passed since El Al Israel Airlines (TASE: ELAL) was on the point of collapse, following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic that almost entirely shut down its activity. The company accumulated huge losses, its financial statements bore a going concern qualification from its auditors, and it had to undergo a rescue plan that included cash aid from the state and a new owner, Kenny Rozenberg, who took over the airline from the Mozes-Borovitz family.

  • Planned Jerusalem highway angers local residents

    The Jerusalem Municipality is moving ahead with a new highway (Road 34) between Pat Junction and the Talpiot Industrial Zone. The four-lane highway will run alongside the new Jerusalem light railway line and across part of Park Hamesila - railway park (along the former line between the German Colony and Malkah). The new road will be financed from the light rail budget.

  • Playtika ends talks to buy Angry Birds

    Israeli mobile games company Playtika (Nasdaq: PLTK) has announced that it "has ended preliminary discussions" to buy Rovio Entertainment, the producer of 'Angry Birds.'

  • Ofer Nimrodi: Poland is good for business

    Israel Land Development Co. (TASE: ILDC) has done very well from its investment and operations in Poland. The company's subsidiary MLP Group, in which it invested €1.5 million, 20 years ago, then had one logistics center on the outskirts of Warsaw. MLP now has 20 parks in Poland, Austria, Germany and Romania and is traded on the Polish Stock Exchange at a market cap of €330 million. Israewl Land Development Co.'s 41% stake is worth €140 million.

  • Treasury: Judicial reform will cost NIS 50-100b annual growth loss

    Top officials at the Ministry of Finance held a discussion last night on the economic consequences of the overhaul of Israel's judicial system. Budgets Division head Yogev Gardos issued the division's first official warning about the overhaul.

  • Discount Investment bond yields jump as asset values plummet

    The upsets in the financial markets in the past few weeks have increased the negative pressure on the corporate debt market in Tel Aviv. Within three months, the amount of corporate bond debt traded at double-digit yields has risen by more than 37% to NIS 25 billion, raising fears of a credit squeeze and growing difficulties in raising and recycling debt on the part of listed companies.

  • Shufersal profit plunges

    Israel's largest supermarket chain Shufersal Ltd. (TASE:SAE) has announced disappointing financial results for 2022. Revenue last year was NIS 14.66 billion, slightly down from NIS 14.76 billion in 2021. But net profit plunged in 2022 to just NIS 2 million from NIS 393 million in 2021.

Featured documents

  • The man making antibodies smarter

    Prof. Yanay Ofran's amazing story about the pursuit of an antibody that will save the world from disease Shlomit Lan and Gali Weinreb Professor Yanay Ofran, founder and CEO of Biolojic Design, a company that develops smart antibodies designed to treat a variety of diseases, is frustrated. "Humanity ...

  • A trip to better management skills?

    The substances described in this article are illegal in Israel and their use, even in a controlled manner, may cause physiological and mental disorders....

  • Kenny Rozenberg: I mend broken companies

    In September 2020, as El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE:ELAL) was mired in debts of NIS 1 billion, and having failed to raise bank loans to save it from the Covid crisis, Uncle Sam came to the rescue. Kenny Rozenberg, until then a name few had heard of in Israel, invested $105 million in the airline ...

  • Alan Feld: Israel's tech sector barometer

    Recently, Israel's senior tech leaders gathered in an events hall on Tel Aviv's Menachem Begin Road for a private conference. Present were prominent investors like Eran Barkat of BRM, Yanai Oron of Vertex Ventures and Avi Eyal of Entrée Capital, but all were waiting for another person to speak:...

  • Sweden's EQT to invest in Israeli tech from new €2.2b fund

    Swedish investment company EQT (Stockholm: EQT) has announced that it will invest a substantial proportion of its recently closed €2.2 billion EQT Growth fund in Israeli companies. EQT has an investment portfolio of €77 billion. Its announcement states that the fund will take an "active approach to ...

  • From Pepsi via Apple to digital healthcare

    Three important movies have portrayed the character of John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and former president of PepsiCo. He has been played by Jeff Daniels in "Steve Jobs", by Matthew Modine in "Jobs ", and by Allan Royal - in "Pirates of the Silicon Valley". For his part, Sculley is baffled at...

  • "We want Israel in the driver's seat in dealing with China"

    In the 1870s, the US overtook Great Britain as the world's leading economy, a title it bears alongside "Leader of the Free World". But all that could change within the next ten years, if the predictions come true and it is overtaken by China, its most significant economic rival. There are some...

  • Israel has major role to play in Intel revival

    Intel is at one of the lowest points it has ever known. It has lost its lead in the chip market to rivals who have overtaken it in both mobile and artificial intelligence, and have figured out Intel's sophisticated production methods. It has suffered ongoing CEO churn, employee defection to...

  • Israel seen as major player as global chip war intensifies

    Recently, Google "poached" former senior Intel executive Uri Frank to lead its strategic chip development activity in Israel. Frank had headed Intel's semiconductor development for data centers and personal computers, responsible for some $30 billion in revenue each year. This expertise indicates...

  • "We want Israel in the driver's seat in dealing with China"

    In the 1870s, the US overtook Great Britain as the world's leading economy, a title it bears alongside "Leader of the Free World". But all that could change within the next ten years, if the predictions come true and it is overtaken by China, its most significant economic rival. There are some...

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