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  • Altshuler Shaham enters non-bank credit

    Investment house Altshuler Shaham announced today that the public company in the group, Altshuler Shaham Finance (TASE: ALTF), headed by Yair Levinstein, had signed an agreement for the purchase of the business of CrediTeam, which holds a license from the Capital Markets, Insurance and Savings Authority for the provision of credit.

  • Short selling making some Israeli stocks highly volatile

    Last Friday, two Israeli stocks attracted attention on Wall Street: Oddity Tech (Nasdaq: ODD), and Mobileye (Nasdaq: MBLY). The former shot up by more than 20%, and the latter by just under 16%. On the face of it, there is no connection between the cosmetics company and the autotech company. Oddity Tech rose following an announcement that it was raising its guidance and introducing a share buyback program, while the reason for the rise in Mobileye was apparently a positive forecast for the stock from Citi. But these two stocks do have something in common: short sellers love them.

  • Police probe alleged political favors at Transport Ministry

    Israel Police national fraud squad (Lahav 433) today launched a probe into suspected fraud and breach of trust at the Ministry of Transport, in the wake of the "HaMakor" investigative program by Channel 13 News journalist Raviv Drucker. This morning police detectives raided the Ministry of Transport offices in Jerusalem, conducted searches and seized documents.

  • Discount Bank in talks to buy out Shufersal's PayBox stake

    A decade after it was founded, and three years after supermarkets chain Shufersal became a partner in it, payments application company PayBox, headed by Arik Frishman, could become wholly owned by Israel Discount Bank. The bank, which holds 50.1% of PayBox, is in advanced negotiations with Shufersal on buying out its 49.9% stake for NIS 77 million.

  • Smotrich tells budgets chief to speed up

    Minister of Finance Bezalel Smotrich sent a strongly-worded letter at the weekend to Commissioner of Budgets Yogev Gradus, demanding material changes in the way the 2025 state budget is prepared. "I would ask that you should set much faster timetables than those that you have proposed," Smotrich wrote. He directed that all the proposals and estimates should be presented to him next week.

  • Perion plummets on more Bing changes

    Israeli digital ad company Perion Network (Nasdaq: PERI; TASE: PERI) has again revised its outlook downwards. Two months after announcing that changes in pricing made by Microsoft's Bing search engine had detrimentally impacted the company's revenue, Perion has now announced that Microsoft Bing is excluding a number of publishers from its search distribution marketplace.

  • Apartments sold and rented

    Second-hand apartments sold

  • "Tel Aviv stocks are rightly cheap"

    2024 opened with great optimism about the local securities market, despite the war. Experts from various financial institutions explained that the gap that had opened up between Tel Aviv and Wall Street would narrow, that stocks in Israel were priced low by global comparison, and that we were about to see a rally on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

  • Benny Gantz quits gov't

    National Unity Party chairman MK Benny Gantz tonight announced in a press conference that he and his party are quitting the government, eight months after forming a national unity government last October. The National Unity party has eight MKs, and their departure will leave the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, with a slim majority in the 120-seat Knesset.

  • Israel's fiscal deficit widens to 7.2%

    Israel's fiscal deficit continued to widen in May, reaching 7.2% of GDP over the past 12 months, or NIS 137.7 billion, the Ministry of Finance accountant general Yali Rothenberg reports, up from 6.9% of GDP at the end of April.

Featured documents

  • Export controls strangling Israel's cyberattack industry

    In the past few days a small, little-known Israeli cyberattack company called Nemesis shut down. The company, which tried to compete with NSO Group with spyware that takes control of smartphones, was never exposed by the media, and did not even have a company website but its closure marks for many...

  • Will a small Galilee factory deliver Nvidia's superconductor?

    Even at a distance, the Simtal Nano-Coatings factory stands out from its surroundings in the dusty Tsiporit industrial park in the Upper Galilee. The facade is mauve, and the color also dominates inside, where dozens of women work delicately alongside orderly rows of electronic boards, peering at...

  • Could the Palestinian Authority control Gaza?

    About two years ago, Palestinian Authority (PA) President, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) embarked on a judicial reform of his own, one that would not put the reform in Hungary or Poland to shame. Unlike those countries, or the reform the Israeli government tried to pass at the beginning of the year,...

  • A trip to better management skills?

    The substances described in this article are illegal in Israel and their use, even in a controlled manner, may cause physiological and mental disorders....

  • Israel has major role to play in Intel revival

    Intel is at one of the lowest points it has ever known. It has lost its lead in the chip market to rivals who have overtaken it in both mobile and artificial intelligence, and have figured out Intel's sophisticated production methods. It has suffered ongoing CEO churn, employee defection to...

  • The musician, the doctor, and the oil company

    In February 1991, during the waning days of the first Gulf War, a private executive jet landed at Ben Gurion Airport. Inside sat two young Poles. The shorter, stockier of the pair, sporting a two-week-old beard, wore a red T-shirt and pink pants. The other wore jeans and a denim shirt. They exited...

  • Israel's defense undone by reliance on technology

    The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 as a standard wire and concrete fence to make it difficult for East German residents to escape to freedom in the West. By the end of the 1970s, its fourth generation already included a 127 km long electrified fence, a strip of land made of sharp metal nails, a...

  • Avigdor Willenz breaks his silence

    Avigdor Willenz thought he could retire quietly. The billionaire responsible for exits of some of the biggest Israeli chip companies, sold to giants like Amazon, Intel, and Marvell Technology, moved his belongings to Switzerland, and settled in a picturesque cabin on an Alpine ridge overlooking the ...

  • Wizz Air president: We know there is chaos

    "I am aware that when airports are congested, I cancel flights for passengers at the last moment or leave them 300 kilometers from the place they are trying to get to and tell them to manage on their own, I am not providing the best flight experience," Wizz Air president Robert Carey regretfully...

  • Tech giants battle for data center real estate in Israel

    Five years ago, two major cloud computing players, Google and Amazon, were offered the possibility of hosting Israeli data centers. "The Israeli market is too small," their local managers were told. In retrospect, that was a big mistake. Today, the two giants are in an especially tight race to...

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