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  • Second round of hostage, prisoner swap completed

    After a long day of tense negotiations and brinkmanship, the second group of Israeli hostages in the current pause in fighting entered Israel close to Saturday midnight, accompanied by IDF forces and Shin Bet operatives. They were escorted out of Gaza to the Rafah crossing by the International Red Cross.

  • Apartments sold and rented

    Second-hand apartments sold

  • Qatar: 13 hostages to be released initially

    The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will come into force at 7:00 tomorrow morning (Friday), and that at 4 pm Israel will receive the first thirteen hostages to be released by Hamas. The Mossad, Israel's intelligence and special operations agency, has been handed a list of the names of all the hostages who will be released.

  • Egypt plays second fiddle to Qatar on Hamas mediation

    In previous rounds of fighting between Israel and Hamas, there was a kind of constant competition between Egypt and Qatar on successful mediation, demonstrating their importance in the Arab world and their ability to sway Israel for the benefit of Gazans and the Palestinians. Sometimes Egypt would prevail and other times Qatar, especially when large investment in the Gaza Strip was required. In the conflicts that preceded the atrocities of October 7, Egypt and Qatar, ideological rivals from different blocs, cooperated to bring about agreements.

  • Chief economist: War will cut GDP by 1.4% in 2023

    Israel will record zero economic growth in real terms in 2023, according to an updated forecast released today by the chief economist in the Ministry of Finance, Shmuel Abramson. According to the economic review, the effect of the Iron Swords war will be to reduce economic growth to just 2%, which amounts to stagnation, taking into account the growth of the population.

  • Hostage release delayed

    The release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza has been delayed. Last night head of the National Security Council Tzachi Hanegbi announced that the first batch of the 50 hostages to be released in exchange for a pause in fighting and release of Palestinian security prisoners would not take place today as initially planned.

  • Silicon Valley investor Sam Lessin: Ban TikTok

    Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, Sam Lessin, the former Facebook VP product management and today a serial tech investor, has become an unofficial ambassador for Israel. From his point of view, the Silicon Valley based Jewish-American investor believes that Israel is on the right side of history and is defending itself against the threat of a massacre and represents western democracy in the battle against terrorist organizations. He finds it difficult to understand Americans who cannot see this.

  • "The ceasefire will allow Hamas to reorganize"

    In efforts to understand the implications of the hostage deal on the continued fighting and Israel's situation in northern and southern Gaza, we spoke to Meir Ben-Shabbat, who served as National Security Advisor from 2017 to 2021.

  • Hostage release arrangements revealed

    Details of the imminent release of Israeli hostages held in Gaza in exchange for Palestinian female and teenage security prisoners have been revealed by various reports.

  • Samer Haj-Yehia: from Leumi to Lemonade

    Dr. Samer Haj-Yehia, until recently chairperson of Bank Leumi, is joining the board of directors of Israeli-US AI-based digital insurance company Lemonade (NYSE: LMND). Lemonade notified the New York Stock Exchange of the appointment yesterday. Finance specialist Deb Schwartz will also join the Lemonade board. The two will replace Irina Novoselsky and Silvija Martincevic, who have both taken up CEO positions at other companies.

Featured documents

  • "Madoff was motivated by control not greed"

    September 2008. The global economic crisis snowball, which began with the subprime crisis in the US, begins to gain momentum. Bernie Madoff - up until then "The King of Wall Street" - starts to feel the rope tightening around his neck. On September 16, investment bank Lehman Brothers collapses,...

  • Beny Steinmetz bribery conviction appeal begins in Geneva

    A Geneva court has begun hearing the appeal of Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz against his conviction last year by a Swiss criminal court for bribery and fraud. In January 2021, Steinmetz was sentenced to five years in prison and fined 50 million Swiss francs, in what the media described as "the ...

  • Israel issues world's first digital bond

    The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE: TASE), the office of the Accountant General at the Israeli Ministry of Finance, and three leading tech companies in the field (Fireblocks, VMWare and BlockFold) last week completed the proof of concept (PoC) phase for Project Eden, issuing a government digital...

  • A trip to better management skills?

    The substances described in this article are illegal in Israel and their use, even in a controlled manner, may cause physiological and mental disorders....

  • Kenny Rozenberg: I mend broken companies

    In September 2020, as El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE:ELAL) was mired in debts of NIS 1 billion, and having failed to raise bank loans to save it from the Covid crisis, Uncle Sam came to the rescue. Kenny Rozenberg, until then a name few had heard of in Israel, invested $105 million in the airline ...

  • Alan Feld: Israel's tech sector barometer

    Recently, Israel's senior tech leaders gathered in an events hall on Tel Aviv's Menachem Begin Road for a private conference. Present were prominent investors like Eran Barkat of BRM, Yanai Oron of Vertex Ventures and Avi Eyal of Entrée Capital, but all were waiting for another person to speak:...

  • From Pepsi via Apple to digital healthcare

    Three important movies have portrayed the character of John Sculley, former CEO of Apple and former president of PepsiCo. He has been played by Jeff Daniels in "Steve Jobs", by Matthew Modine in "Jobs ", and by Allan Royal - in "Pirates of the Silicon Valley". For his part, Sculley is baffled at...

  • "We want Israel in the driver's seat in dealing with China"

    In the 1870s, the US overtook Great Britain as the world's leading economy, a title it bears alongside "Leader of the Free World". But all that could change within the next ten years, if the predictions come true and it is overtaken by China, its most significant economic rival. There are some...

  • Israel has major role to play in Intel revival

    Intel is at one of the lowest points it has ever known. It has lost its lead in the chip market to rivals who have overtaken it in both mobile and artificial intelligence, and have figured out Intel's sophisticated production methods. It has suffered ongoing CEO churn, employee defection to...

  • Startup Nation: rooted in socialism and military technology

    The weakness Israel's tech sector is currently demonstrating - whether due to the industry's global crisis or economic uncertainty resulting from judicial reform - belies the fact that this sector is still alive and kicking, and its role in the domestic economy is stronger than ever. Miraculously,...

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