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  • Bizzabo announces second round of layoffs

    Israeli startup Bizzabo announced another round of layoffs last night - its second round of layoffs in 2022. The company, which develops tech platforms for physical, virtual and hybrid events and conferences says that it is laying off 100 employees, 40% of its workforce.

  • Israeli startups vie for slice of cloud data protection market

    In some areas a range of Israeli cybersecurity startups is founded, all competing in exactly same field. This has happened repeatedly in recent years in hot areas, such as automated cyber testing and failure detection in cloud infrastructure. One company starts, followed by more and more.

  • Thu: TA 35 Index jumps but down for week

    The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange rose today. The Tel Aviv 35 Index rose 1.39%, to 1,874.88 points; the Tel Aviv 125 Index rose 1.49%, to 1,912.00 points; and the BlueTech Global Index rose 1.93% to 372.40 points. The All Bond corporate bond index rose 0.29% to 367.95 points. Turnover totaled NIS 3.02 billion in equities and NIS 3.52 billion in bonds. The Tel Aviv 35 Index was down 0.20% for the week and is down 5.2% since the start of 2022.

  • Metabolism measurement device co Lumen raises $62m

    Israel metabolic health company Lumen has completed a $62 million Series B financing round led by Pitango Venture Capital with participation from Disruptive VC, Unorthodox Ventures, Hanwha Group, Resolute Ventures, RiverPark Ventures, and Almeda Ventures.

  • Israeli precision pollination co BeeHero raises $42m

    Israeli precision pollination company BeeHero today announced the completion of an oversubscribed $42 million Series B inancing round led by Convent Capital. Also participating in the round were General Mills, Cibus Capital (formerly ADM Capital), Rabobank, MS&AD, Firstime, J-Ventures, Plug&Play, iAngels, Gaingels, UpWest, and more. This brings to $64 million the total amount raised by BeeHero.

  • Bubble and TikTak ridesharing to halt operations

    Israel's Ministry of Transport has announced that the ridesharing services in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem - Bubble and TikTak - are closing down at the end of December. The ridesharing trials will continue through the Quicker service in Emek Hefer and TikTak in Haifa.

  • Israeli startups raised over $600m in November

    Israeli startups raised over $600 million in November 2022, according to press releases seen by "Globes." The figure may be more as some companies prefer to remain in stealth and sometimes do not publicize the investments they have received.

  • Smotrich and Deri to rotate as Finance Minister

    The Likud and Religious Zionism parties have announced an agreement this evening in which Religious Zionism leader Bezalel Smotrich and Shas leader Aryeh Deri will rotate as Minister of Finance. Other members of the Religious Zionism party MK Ofir Sofer will serve as Minister of Aliyah and Integration and Orit Strok will serve as Minister National Missions - in effect the ministry of settlements with various departments added from the Ministries of Education and Religious Affairs, which deal with religious Zionism.

  • The Economist: Tel Aviv no longer world's most expensive city

    Tel Aviv is no longer the world's most expensive city according to The Economist's Intelligence Unit's (EIU) Worldwide Cost of Living rankings for 2022, which were published today. Tel Aviv, which topped last year's rankings, has been pushed down to third place behind Singapore and New York, who tied for first place.

  • Plan approved to double Ramat Gan's population

    The Tel Aviv District Planning and Building Committee has approved for deposit for objections a new overall outline plan for Ramat Gan. The plan includes the construction of 83,400 new homes, which would see the city's population more than double from its current 170,000 to 390,000. The plan also calls for the construction of another 4.75 million square meters of office space.

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  • Squabbling threatens NSO sale

    Israeli cyberattack company NSO Group has a long list of woes: being on the US Department of Commerce blacklist, lawsuits against it from Apple and Meta, a series of journalistic investigations again and again exposing the problematic use of its technology by its customers. But its internal...

  • "We want Israel in the driver's seat in dealing with China"

    In the 1870s, the US overtook Great Britain as the world's leading economy, a title it bears alongside "Leader of the Free World". But all that could change within the next ten years, if the predictions come true and it is overtaken by China, its most significant economic rival. There are ...

  • Tech giants battle for data center real estate in Israel

    Five years ago, two major cloud computing players, Google and Amazon, were offered the possibility of hosting Israeli data centers. "The Israeli market is too small," their local managers were told. In retrospect, that was a big mistake. Today, the two giants are in an especially tight...

  • "We want Israel in the driver's seat in dealing with China"

    In the 1870s, the US overtook Great Britain as the world's leading economy, a title it bears alongside "Leader of the Free World". But all that could change within the next ten years, if the predictions come true and it is overtaken by China, its most significant economic rival. There are ...

  • The man making antibodies smarter

    Prof. Yanay Ofran's amazing story about the pursuit of an antibody that will save the world from disease Shlomit Lan and Gali Weinreb Professor Yanay Ofran, founder and CEO of Biolojic Design, a company that develops smart antibodies designed to treat a variety of diseases, is frustrated. "Huma...

  • A trip to better management skills?

    The substances described in this article are illegal in Israel and their use, even in a controlled manner, may cause physiological and mental disorders....

  • Kenny Rozenberg: I mend broken companies

    In September 2020, as El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (TASE:ELAL) was mired in debts of NIS 1 billion, and having failed to raise bank loans to save it from the Covid crisis, Uncle Sam came to the rescue. Kenny Rozenberg, until then a name few had heard of in Israel, invested $105 million in the airline ...

  • Wizz Air president: We know there is chaos

    "I am aware that when airports are congested, I cancel flights for passengers at the last moment or leave them 300 kilometers from the place they are trying to get to and tell them to manage on their own, I am not providing the best flight experience," Wizz Air president Robert Carey...

  • The musician, the doctor, and the oil company

    In February 1991, during the waning days of the first Gulf War, a private executive jet landed at Ben Gurion Airport. Inside sat two young Poles. The shorter, stockier of the pair, sporting a two-week-old beard, wore a red T-shirt and pink pants. The other wore jeans and a denim shirt. They exited...

  • Israel has major role to play in Intel revival

    Intel is at one of the lowest points it has ever known. It has lost its lead in the chip market to rivals who have overtaken it in both mobile and artificial intelligence, and have figured out Intel's sophisticated production methods. It has suffered ongoing CEO churn, employee defection to...

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