Iran's 'prominent leader' of IRGC killed in airstrike in Syria

Published date02 April 2024
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
Iranian pro-government Tasnim media noted that he was a member of the Quds force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. This is a major loss for Iran and a major setback for the regime in its attempt to control Syria and to project its influence into Iraq and Lebanon

The reports in pro-Iranian media note that the commander of the Quds Force in Lebanon and Syria was focusing on "recruiting all capabilities towards the resistance," pointing out that he was "following up coordination with the relevant authorities in order to deliver weapons to Gaza." This shows how much Iran valued Zahedi. He was a key node in their "axis of resistance."

This is a major setback for Iran and for its network of advisors who work with its proxies in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Some pro-regime Iranian media have referenced Imad Mughniyeh, the key Lebanese commander who worked with Iran and Hezbollah and who was killed in 2008.

Al-Ain media in the UAE noted that a "prominent leader in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard died today in an Israeli strike targeting the Tehran consulate in Damascus." They said that "the prominent leader is Mohammad Reza Zahedi, who is the fourth Revolutionary Guard leader assassinated by Israel in strikes on Syria since last December." The report also provided some background on the commander noting that he was one of the most senior commanders in the IRGC in Syria.

"He served as Deputy Chief of Operations of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in addition to assuming command of the IRGC's air and ground forces." The report notes he was placed on a US sanctions list in 2010. He has played a major role in the Quds Force of Iran, including in Lebanon supporting Hezbollah since that time.

Zahedi was a key element of the support and liaison with Hezbollah. He also oversaw weapons shipments to Hezbollah. In the last decade, Iran has sought to increase Hezbollah's arsenal to not only include missiles and rockets but also anti-tank munitions and precision-guided munitions. Al-Ain media in the UAE notes that he was killed after airstrikes on several other key IRGC members in Syria.

"Last February, Iranian media revealed the killing of an advisor to the Revolutionary Guard, whose name was not revealed, in an Israeli raid on southern Damascus," the Al-In report noted. It also noted the assassination of Radhi Mousavi, "a prominent leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria, in an Israeli air strike near Damascus."

Of interest here, the UAE has said it "condemns...

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