I have sinned, I have betrayed

Published date03 October 2022
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
Those who wander through the myriad confessions in the media and social networks regarding the New Year, may have noticed that there are many volunteers ready to beat on the chests' of others: to warn about "social injustices" in the State of Israel; to apologize "on behalf of the public" for "not having done enough" in relation to one issue or another; and in general – in the best progressive tradition – to portray the society in which we live as corrupt while they see themselves as responsible for reproving everyone else

The Vidui, confession, is indeed said in the plural – "we have sinned, we have betrayed" – because "one must always be a part of the public" (Brachot 30:1); one must see themself as part of the whole and not as a detached individual. However, the...

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