Hostage's daughter: Anti-government protesters aren't families of hostages

Published date02 April 2024
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
"This morning, too, I get up and pray in the hope that my father will return to us. Unfortunately, we do not have the latest information, we are connected to a very small group of citizens who were kidnapped, with the thing that connects them being that they are not residents of the area. They were swept up in the situation and were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Friends who were with my father were murdered, there were four of them in the car, three of them were murdered, and only my father is missing, he is gone. We don't know what happened to him; we are in complete darkness," Pivko said

"The people from the Kaplan protests are not the families of the hostages, even if among the families of the hostages there are those who think like, support or see the Kaplan protests as fitting up until the sixth of October," added Pivko. "And with all due respect to the Kaplan protest, I think that other topics like the Kaplan protests that were taking place here a year ago should not be mixed with the protest or the desire or the actions taken by families of hostages to return their loved ones. Didn't we learn anything?"

"It's harmful, I see the people around us. I see who receives this information through the media, I see what it makes people think, that at the end of a 12-hour activity...

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