Bennett: The government's great test is self-restraint

AuthorOren Dori
Publication Date07 November 2021
"Within less than three months, we formed a government, withstood the pressures, and decided to be the first in the world with booster shots," Bennett continued. "We are protecting life without harming the economy. We have gone from unemployment to employment, emerged from negative growth, and now we have passed the budget, which ensures political stability and quiet, and by working together we have brought the ship to safe shores.

"Tomorrow morning, we are starting with a stable government," Bennett said. Referring to the approaching Hanukah holiday, he continued, "The citizens of Israel have entered the month of Kislev. Together, we are lighting one light after another, no-one is standing aside or being left behind. All of us, all of Israel's citizens, are important, we shall take care of everyone. The great test of the government is self-restraint. We shall maintain self-restraint, we shall set aside for the moment the rivalry between us, but at last there are no elections on the horizon. We shall join hands in order to take Israel, which has nowhere like it in the world and never will have, ten steps forward."

Liberman said yesterday evening, "I have never seen a level of cooperation between ministers like in this government. True, from time to time there are frictions and confrontations, and one talks and the other responds, but it makes no difference, on the budget I saw cooperation and mutual responsibility such as I have never seen before.

"The budget has two messages: stability, and economic growth," Liberman said. "These are assets that we must preserve. In addition, this is the most socially minded budget in Israel's history, over NIS 11 billion that we are investing in our social-national strength, from the arrangement with the disabled and disabled army veterans, the campaign against violence in the family, the increase in support for Holocaust survivors, and really a long series of items. These are great tidings. I look at the biggest project in the history of Israel, the metro, which will link 24 local authorities, 100 stations from Kfar Sava to Rehovot. This is in addition to investment of nearly NIS 600 million in artificial intelligence, a solar power plant at Dimona, and huge projects in sewerage and of course infrastructures and railways. I again thank my colleagues. From tomorrow, it's work."

"We have restored sanity to Israel," Lapid said. "We have bridged the gaps to reach the goal. We backed each other and we had each other's backs...

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