Beit Lessin Theater in Tel Aviv premieres 'First in the Selection'

Publication Date07 November 2021
The play tells the extraordinary story of Alfred Nakache, an Algerian-born Jew, 'the swimmer of Auschwitz,' who survived the Holocaust. It is a one-man show starring actor Amir Haddad.

Haddad is also a singer and creator who represented France at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest and has collaborated with singer Sia.

The festival's creator, Steve Suissa, established three acting schools in Israel - in Netanya, Ashdod, and Tel Aviv, to benefit French Jews who made aliyah. At the end of the play, he received warm words from his friend, world-renowned Algerian Jewish singer-songwriter Enrico Macias, who through his music conveys a message of brotherhood and peace between the countries of the world and in particular with the State of Israel.

Following the performance, an event was held to mark the end of the French Horizons festival at the 'Cantina' restaurant on Rothschild...

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