Apartments sold and rented

Published date31 March 2024
AuthorGlobes correspondent
Publication titleGlobes (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
Tel Aviv and central region

Netanya: A 110 square meter, five-room, seventh floor apartment on Halilach Street in Ramat Poleg was sold for NIS 3.36 million. A 88 square meter, four-room, fourth floor apartment on Yehuda Hanasi Street in the north of the city was sold for NIS 1.8 million. A 109 square meter, four-room, 17th floor apartment on Gad Machnes Street near the sea was sold for NIS 4.1 million.

Beer Yaakov A 148 square meter, five-room, 18th floor penthouse apartment with a 55 square meter balcony, storage room, elevator and two parking spaces in the Tzmarot neighborhood was sold for NIS 4.59 million (Anglo-Saxon).

Rehovot A 78 square meter, four-room, second floor apartment on Haroeh Street in the city center was sold for NIs 1.84 million. A 112 square meter, four-room, fifth floor apartment with parking on Sheshet Yamim Street was sold for NIS 2.35 million. A 179 square meter, six-room house with parking on Yisrael Katznelson Street was sold for NIS 4.9 million. A 83 square meter, 3.5-room, 10th floor apartment with parking on Pladei Yechiel Street was sold for NIS 2.37 million.

Hashfelah (Southern Coastal Plain) A 186 square meter, five-room house with a 503 square meter yard on Beit Elazari was sold for NIS 5.4 million. A 209 square meter, six-room house with a 532 square meter yard on Kfar Bilu was sold for NIS 7.25 million. A 247 square meter, 13-room house on Beit Halkia with a 200 square...

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