AI-based website accessibility - the future generation

Published date02 April 2024
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
Its solution is adapted to companies and countries all over the world, while adapting accessibility to laws in Europe and the United States, where accessibility laws also require business owners to make their websites accessible to people with disabilities

"The reason for our success is first and foremost thanks to the maximum investment in the product," says Anat Cohen, VP of the "Accessible Click" company. "Our main effort is in pushing forward, always leading, innovating, seeing where and how we can improve. Accessible with a click, we never stay in one place."

Advantages and disadvantages of AI

Even before there was a media frenzy around AI, Gishin Beklik opened its smart component for accessibility based on artificial intelligence technology. The smart component installed on the site offers a variety of "profiles" that adapt the different accessibility functions to the different types of disabilities. In this way, the user avoids searching for the function that suits him and experiences a friendly and easy browsing experience for his needs.

"We quickly realized that accessibility based on AI technologies can greatly facilitate both users with disabilities and website owners. Since these are dynamic websites or applications, changing the website code as an alternative would be a long process that requires expensive resources. Therefore, we decided to optimize accessibility and provide services at attractive prices with AI-based accessibility," says Cohen.

"However, we did not stop at our guard. While many competitors promise AI accessibility that is not based on AI at all, as they declare, we have developed alongside the AI accessibility a hybrid and customized solution for the customer's needs. With all the advantages of smart AI accessibility, AI alone does not can replace the person. In some websites, an addendum accessible by experts is required," says Cohen.

"Many clients came to us following a warning before taking legal proceedings, with great heartache, even though they made efforts to make their website accessible. The problem is that many of them fall into the trap of unprofessional accessors who know how to make promises, but in practice lack the professional knowledge of how to provide an accessibility solution that meets all The requirements of the law," Cohen explained.

The integrated approach: the ingredient of success

The hybrid solution of Nagish beClick is based on AI accessibility plus accessibility and audit by certified...

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