Will UNRWA donor countries see the light next week?

Publication Date09 November 2021
AuthorDavid Bedein
In a positive development, the UNRWA donor countries will gather in Brussels next week. UNRWA donors, working in tandem, can perform a constructive role in providing the best possible services to the Palestinian self-styled refugee population.

Since the international donor conference plan to deal with all UNRWA policies, we would like to know if these nations have the following six UNRWA policy questions on the table:

Will donors insist that the UNRWA curriculum, which incorporates principles of Jihad, martyrdom and "right of return" by force of arms, be cancelled in UN schools, which are supposed to advance the UNRWA slogan of "Peace starts here"?

Will donors insist that paramilitary training cease in all UNRWA schools, which should demonstrate commitment to UN principles for "peace education"?

Will donors insist that UNRWA dismiss employees who are affiliated with Hamas, in accordance with laws in Western nations, which forbid aid to any agency that employs members of a terrorist organization?

Will donors insist that UNRWA cancel its contract with "youth ambassador" Mohammad Assaf, who travels the world encouraging violence? Would this not be the appropriate time for donor nations to ask that UNRWA cancel...

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