Websites of two Israeli radio stations hacked

Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
On the Radio Lev HaMedina website, the hackers took down the live video broadcast, while on the 100FM website, the live video broadcast was replaced by pro-Palestinian propaganda

The hacking comes ahead of the Iranian Al-Quds Day, which will be marked on Friday, and the end of the month of Ramadan. The Israel National Cyber Directorate has warned against potential hacking attacks on Al-Quds Day, according to Maariv.

Last week, the website of the Israel Airports Authority went offline for about 30 minutes following a cyberattack by a pro-Iranian group that apparently originated in Iraq.

The hackers took down the site through a denial-of-service (DDoS) attack and "flooded" the site with many requests to the point that it crashed. After more than half an hour, the site went back online.

The same day, the websites of both Channel 9 television and Kan, the...

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