UTJ MK: The Likud isn't taking us as seriously because we don't issue threats

Published date23 November 2022
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
"In negotiations, by the nature of things, there are crises here and there," MK Asher told Radio Kol Barama on Tuesday. "Perhaps there are not enough efforts to come to an understanding with us because we do not threaten as much. This is not the way to go in our eyes. Perhaps Likud is signaling to us that we should get on a high ledge in order to bring down others who may have gotten on some ledges."

He later noted that "on a number of things we have reached agreements, but there are other things we are waiting for answers on. One thing is clear, on issues related to the Jewishness of the country and the world of the Torah, as well as the equal rights of the haredi public - we will not give up on one bit."

In conclusion, Asher said that "there will be major changes in the issue of housing in the coming term. The entire United Torah Judaism faction will stand behind Rabbi [Yitzhak] Goldknopf as the Minister of Housing who will lead the joint decisions on the issue, and I believe Shas will also be...

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