US demands accountability after death of Iranian woman

Published date20 September 2022
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
"Mahsa Amini's death after injuries sustained while in police custody for wearing an 'improper' hijab is an appalling and egregious affront to human rights," the official was quoted as having said. "Our thoughts are with Mahsa's family and loved ones."

"Women in Iran should have the right to wear what they want, free from violence or harassment. Iran must end its use of violence against women for exercising their fundamental freedoms. There must be accountability for Mahsa's death," added the official.

Amini, 22, slipped into a coma while in custody in Tehran last week and subsequently died.

Reports on social media said Amini had been detained by the so-called "morality police" after officers apparently found fault with hijab.

Amini's death sparked a wave of online criticism, with users noting that the injuries seen in a photo of her in a hospital bed point towards cranial injury, rather than...

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