Tourism will be less spontaneous, more planned

AuthorMichal Raz-Chaimovitz
Publication Date11 Mar 2021
He said, "It won't even be possible to fly spontaneously because you have to arrange a Covid test. The same holds for going to a restaurant, museum or any place else. It's not only coordinating the day of a visit but even the hour of the visit. The age of being able to say that today I fancy going to the Louvre is over. Everything has to be organized in advance and slotted into a timetable."

Shichor reminds us that even before the Covid pandemic tourist sites were overcrowded, like the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower and booking in advance had been adopted because of restricted quotas for visitors. Disney's amusement parks, for example, are expected to reopen with only 10%-15% capacity and every visit must be booked in advance."

How will admission charges be impacted by Covid?

"Over time prices have been going up because procedures make costs more expensive. When demand outstrips supply because the quota of visitors is restricted, the price will rise and the calculations also change. If an amusement park calculates that each visitor will pay $10 admission and $20 on ice cream and souvenirs, today the calculation is different. Instead of relying on the extras, they'll rely on the admission charge."

"A park that allowed in 1,000 people today, at a calculation of $30 per person will get $30,000. Now the park can only allow in 100 people and it cannot survive on $3,000 income per day. Combined tickets for several attractions will also change with less places and a model of less discounts."

"It'll take time to adopt the new work procedures. There's a natural delay but in the end the reality will dictate owners to throw the old business work plans into the garbage, and form a new work model. I've no doubt that many of these leisure facilities will also shut down."

On the other hand disposable income has been hit, so if places put up prices, they'll lose guests.

"Not only the operators will create a new reality, so will the visitors. They'll be happy to pay more and be in a place that is less crowded. On the other hand, instead of travelling three times a year, a family will arrange one vacation abroad, which is more organized."

"This has an advantage. In this way tourist will know ahead of time how much the trip really costs. In the past people take into account the cost of flights and accommodation, but now that everything is booked in advance, it will be possible to know the overall cost, because this will bring in new models that will include...

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