The Israeli National Cyber Directorate Publishes Recommendations In Relation To Organisation Readiness For Cyber Crisis And IR Teams

Author:Herzog Fox & Neeman
Profession:Herzog Fox & Neeman

The Israeli National Cyber Directorate has published its recommendations regarding the establishment, as well the qualifications of crisis management and incident response ("IR") teams in organisations. The document was published in light of the accelerated growth of cyber-attacks, which might cause significant harm to small organisations, as well as to an entire sector and even at a national level.

The document includes, inter alia, the following key recommendations:

The IR team shall include a team leader, and the team members should know how to handle data collection, data analysis and the blocking of malicious activity. It is also recommended the team include a reverse engineer and malware analysis experts; The organisation shall establish the decision-making process and communication methods in advance in the event of a cyber incident; The organisation shall implement internal policies which determine mandatory and restricted actions to be taken in case of an incident (such as data retention and deletion...

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