Strauss expands product recall

Publication titleGlobes (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
"The company will restore the candy factory in Nof Hagalil to operation only when the fault shave been fixed and the products are completely safe to consume," the company's announcement said

"Laboratory results received within the past few hours indicate an initial suspicion (final findings are not yet available) of salmonella in two individual samples of two chocolate products, out of 270 samples of products that were checked and went out to stores and were part of the recall that was announced. The findings have been reported to the Ministry of Health.

"In the light of these results, the company's management decided to act with full responsibility and not to take any risk, even if it is low, and to remove all products of the factory from store shelves."

Strauss Israel CEO Eyal Dror said, "We will not take any risks where the health of the public is concerned, and because of the widespread confusion among consumers, we decided this morning, in consultation...

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