Strange And Weird Taxes And Tax Deductions

Author:Dave Wolf & Co
Profession:Dave Wolf & Co

The April 15th deadline for filing US tax returns has passed.  Here are some strange and weird taxes and tax deductions:

Clarinet Lessons:  Music instruments and lessons in general are not deductible, but if they are part of an orthodontist's prescription to help deal with an overbite, the clarinet and the lessons  may be deductible as a medical expense. This only applies to a clarinet due to the way a clarinet is positioned in the mouth which decreases the pain of an overbite. 

Breast Implants: An exotic dancer successfully argued that her breast implants were a necessary part of her business, and that without the implants, she would lose income to other exotic dancers.

Guard Animals: The Tax Court allowed cat food to be deducted for a cat that was deemed necessary to a junkyard to keep it free of rats and snakes.

Lawn Care and Landscaping: If you are operating a business from your home, you may find it important to make sure that your lawn is properly maintained.  In order to claim this deduction, you must meet regularly with clients at your home office, and you must show why the landscaping is relevant.

Blueberries Tax: Maine has a special tax on blueberries...

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