Sara Netanyahu: Claims I threw Bibi from motorcade are 'delusional'

Published date23 January 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
According to the document that ex-Export official David Artzi claimed to have seen, Netanyahu was allegedly contracted by his wife not to travel overnight without her and to involve her in senior government appointments, under legal pain of the transfer of their joint property to her. The senior appointments allegedly would include Mossad, Shin Bet and IDF heads, according to Israeli media

The alleged document

"This agreement did not exist and was not created," said Sara Netanyahu. "It's not nice to say that there is an agreement between spouses. There was no agreement and no lawyer will see an agreement."

Benjamin Netanyahu called the allegation "shameful."

"There is no agreement between me and my wife," testified the prime minister. "This is a despicable claim."

Netanyahu challenged the supposed provision of the alleged agreement that held that Sara would have significant sway in the appointment of officials by giving an example when they disagreed appointing former prime minister Naftali Bennett as Defense Minister. Sara had been against the appointment.

"After all, if there is a contract between Sara and I that she appoints [officials] -- Bennett would not have been appointed," Netanyahu testified. "She is my best advisor. I take her advice, and I regret not listening more. Maybe I would be in a better situation today."

He also explained that there was no agreement needed to explain why Sara would travel with him so often, saying "I like my wife to accompany me. She is the closest person to me."

Netanyahu decried a three-year-long campaign of libel against him, accusing countless leaks of having come from law enforcement.

"I didn't file enough defamation lawsuits," said Netanyahu. "Count the number of news...

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