Relocation To Israel - New High Tech And Cyber Regulation For Foreign National Experts

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Israeli high-tech companies are currently experiencing a labor shortage of about 8,000 workers a year. Rather than lack in position, this is due to lack in employees who have the specific expertise sought out by high-tech companies.

As a result, and in an effort to set the high-tech industry, which is considered one of the Israeli economy's growth-engines, in motion, the Population and Immigration Authority implemented a procedure targeted at the high-tech and cyber industries. This procedure is the first step of a proposed solution to the labor shortage experienced in these industries.

The new procedure, which is designed to settle the status of foreign national experts in the high-tech and cyber industries in Israel, came into force on February 2018. It enables the mobilization of experts to Israel more rapidly, and with considerably less bureaucracy.

First and foremost, based on this accelerated procedure, the Innovation Corporation acknowledges high-tech companies as technology knowledge-intensive corporations.

This is a prerequisite for submitting an expedited request for the absorption of employees. To this end, these companies must comply with certain terms so that they may receive a research and development grant or a tax certificate.

The new procedure introduces three beneficial provisions to the employment of foreign national experts by companies recognized as technology knowledge-intensive corporations.

Relocating a foreign national expert to Israel for the time-period of up to one year:

High-tech/cyber companies may submit a request for the employment of a foreign national expert who has a unique specialty, and for the purpose of executing a task in Israel, for up to one year at a time, and under the following (accumulated) terms:

The foreign national expert holds a valid passport of a country entitled to a B/2 visa exemption (a visa given to most tourists, which allows for staying in Israel's boundaries for up to three months).

The expert's salary will not be lower than twice the average (experts') salary in the market.

The expert will be employed in Research and Development, or in a specialized capacity, assisting a business activity relating to a product or service developed by the company.

The main advantage in submitting an application under this term is that the requests will be discussed within 6 workdays of the day they are received, as much as it is possible.

Employing a Foreign National Academic Graduate:


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