Prophecies and prayers: A Rosh Hashanah quiz

Published date17 September 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
1. Which of the following political developments can be expected this year

1. US-Saudi-Israeli diplomatic deal, bringing an end to 100 years of Arab-Israeli conflict. Oman and Indonesia will normalize relations with Israel too.

2. Compromise proposals on judicial reform between the government and opposition that pass Supreme Court muster too.

3. A plea-bargain agreement for minor misdemeanors between Benjamin Netanyahu and the state prosecution, ending the Netanyahu trials.

4. Netanyahu will triumphantly bow out of politics, after proving himself as Israel's greatest peacemaker and feeling vindicated by the feeble end to his trials – allowing the formation of a broad centrist coalition government.

5. All of the above. And the Messiah will come too.

6. None of the above.

2. Who will lead Likud in a post-Netanyahu era?

1. Israel Katz

2. Nir Barkat

3. Tally Gotliv

4. Yariv Levin

5. None of the above. Likud will splinter into two or more factions, and it will take the right wing a decade to recover from mistakes of the past year and Netanyahu's divisive leadership style.

3. The top political slogan of the year will be:

1. Resist!

2. The Supreme (Court) reigns supreme!

3. The nation is sovereign!

4. Share the burden, or no (military) service for me!

5. Unity now!

6. Love your neighbor as yourself!

4. Which of the following security developments can be expected this coming year?

1. PA head Mahmoud Abbas will be overthrown by one or more of the following Fatah leaders: Hussein al-Sheikh, Jibril Rajoub, Mahmoud al-Aloul, Majid Faraj, Marwan Barghouti, or Mohammed Dahlan.

2. The IDF will mount a significant ground operation in Judea and Samaria to stem terrorism and prevent a Hamas takeover of the Palestinian Authority.

3. The Israel Police and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) will mount a massive campaign to confiscate the tens of thousands of unlicensed weapons in Arab Israeli communities, and to shut down Bedouin protection rackets in the Negev.

4. Israel will fight a "Third Lebanon War" to crush Hezbollah and knock Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps out of Lebanon and Syria.

5. Israel will strike deeper and harder against Iranian nuclear installations and Iranian leadership, bringing Israel and its allies closer than ever to full-scale, open warfare with the Islamic Republic.

6. Iran will test-detonate its first nuclear weapon, and, in response, US President Biden will bomb the hell out of Iran, decapitating the Islamic Republic's leadership ranks and all known...

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