On Leaders and War: Ideological transformation in the West after Ukraine

Published date24 April 2022
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
"The presidency is not merely an administrative office...It is pre-eminently a place of moral leadership."-Franklin D. Roosevelt

"For Russia, there is not and there may not be another political option but democracy. However, Russian democracy is... not at all the realization of standards imposed on us from outside."- Vladimir Putin

For many years now War has been an alien concept in the West, especially for the Woke Left. When it came to Afghanistan, President Biden knew his base would not object if he just pulled out the troops, leaving American allies to their fate, and gifting billions of dollars of military equipment to the Taliban. Perhaps war was seen as something America was unsuccessful in, and should avoid at all costs.

For many years the West does not judge leaders, their own or others, by the Biblical standards of morality. The last time we did so was after the 1991 to 1999 wars in the Balkans where Slobodan Milošević and Radovan Karadžić were tried for war crimes. One can be cynical and note that in conflict, the winners get power and wealth and the losers get war crime trials.

After Vietnam, Americans simply refused to see the wars around them, especially those in Africa or other parts of the "Third World". With a viewpoint that sees conflict in the context of "power" relationships, the West could ignore much of what should have been obvious. For example there is a very definite war by radical Islam (termed the "Islamists") against the rest of the world. Its focus has been in Africa and especially countries that bordered the Muslim world.

The West has opened its borders to those from a culture of rape, terrrorism and hostility to women, gays, Christians, and (most of all) Jews. The West ignored the long history of genocidal practice and intent by Islamists and the radical Leftists against Israel. The West has refused to even do a proper vetting of those Muslims who wish to perfect the demographic war by Islamists in the West, which war is actively promoted by our universities and some media.

One egregious example is Angela Merkel who imported from Syria close to a million young single men and then had to live with the consequences of rapes and other sexual assaults by the immigrants who sought to carry into the West their culture of rape. The Germans, most in the world, should understand that culture and ideology were the foundations of the Third Reich just as they are today for terrorism and genocide.

Who in the West in the last dozen years cares much about the war on the Yazidis, the Chinese war on the Uyghurs, the war against Israel by Hamas and Iranian proxy Hezbollah?. Who speaks out for the African Christians and others kidnapped, terrorized and murdered by Islamist thugs from Africa? Who cares about the Islamist war in the Phillipines or Iran's explicit threats since at least 1996 to acquire nuclear weapons and use them against the more than six million Jews in Israel at the same time as they manipulate history to claim that there were not six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust?

To the secular West, war was viewed as the practice of religious zealots, not woke Western elites. And so, ignoring all context, and imputing racist motives to white males only, our elites have been fighting a "culture war" - where diversity and inclusion, and cultural relativism and moral equivalency have become the lenses through which our cultures view the world. Spending on defense was for reprobates like Trump even though military strength is our best defense against war.

There is no understanding and little empathy in the West for Israel's situation of having to fight wars almost continuously against Arabs and Iranians who quite clearly advance their position that Israel is illegitimate and must be destroyed.

Not understanding the real world, our ideologues turned their attention to implementing Critical Race Theory, miseducation of children especially in their moral...

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