'Not Just A Diaspora Problem' Assimilation: Nearly 90,000 intermarried couples registered in Israel

Publication Date08 November 2021
AuthorDavid Rosenberg
According to a report by Israel Hayom Monday morning, this marks the first time in a years that the Israeli government has disclosed the official number of intermarried couples listed in the marriage registrar.

Following a query by Dr. Netanel Fisher, head of the government policy department at the Academic Center for Law and Science, CBS released data showing that there are a total of roughly 1.345 million married couples in Israel with at least one Jewish partner.

Of those, 1.260 million are Jewish couples (both partners being Jewish), with some 85,000 mixed marriages in which one partner is Jewish and the other not – or 6.3% of all marriages with at least one Jewish partner.

A majority (close to 53,000) of the Jews married to non-Jews are men, while 32,000 are women married to non-Jewish men.

The vast majority (87%) of Jews in mixed marriages were listed as married to people as not...

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