New Tender For Environmental And Sustainability Innovation Lab In Israel

Author:Herzog Fox & Neeman
Profession:Herzog Fox & Neeman

The Israeli Innovation Authority ("IIA") and Israel's Ministry of Environmental Protection and Ministry of Economy are calling multinationals and Israeli corporations to submit bid proposals, to form and operate an Environmental and Sustainability Innovation Lab, with government support under a three year franchise. The deadline for submission of bid proposals is June 25, 2019.

The Lab - will function as a platform for cooperation between the Lab's owner corporations and Israeli entrepreneurs and startups on environmental and sustainability projects. The Lab will enable the startups to carry out a POC and to adapt their products to the technological, regulatory and business requirements, by using unique technological and other resources to be provided by the Lab and its owner corporations with the support of the State of Israel.

Focus on environmental and sustainability technologies - for example: clean energy production, preservation and storage; efficient energy use; optimization of manufacturing processes; treatment of contaminated resources (soil, water); advanced materials and materials analysis; monitoring and reduction of environmental nuisances (noise, odor); development and manufacturing of environment-friendly products (such as green building products); development of environmental services (waste management, water management, wastewater treatment); digitization and monitoring of pollution treatment processes; recycling. Scouting - the Lab will locate and invite entrepreneurs and startups to carry out technological and business POCs for a period of one year each. The IIA must approve the selected projects. Support - to assist in conducting the POCs, the Lab will provide the startups with: (i) access to unique technological infrastructure (development, testing, manufacturing), market understanding and marketing channels, knowledge and expertise - in particular such that are not currently available to Israeli entrepreneurs; (ii) technological and other professional mentoring and supervision by R&D and other personnel of the Lab or of its owner corporations; (iii) working space, if needed; and (iv) access to the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (e.g. access to data and information regarding environmental challenges, regulatory requirements and pollutant emissions and transfers to the environment; regulatory advice and assistance in obtaining environmental permits and approvals). Generating an Ecosystem - the Lab...

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