National Sovereignty: Make Latin America great - Chile's challenge

AuthorSven von Storch
Published date24 November 2021
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
The world is currently facing two major challenges: First, the fight for a possible New World Order. The global leadershipof the United States has turned into a struggle between the USA and China for world domination. And secondly, the international financial and currency system is facing a historic collapse.

These two factors pose a grave threat to the order, stability and security of the world, at the moment of Chile in particular, which faces national elections. Like in the Cold War, Latin America is in danger of becoming a pawn in the Great Game of the superpowers. Chile and other countries could be crushed between these forces.

The Patriots: Defenders of National Sovereignty

This power struggle between the superpowers is also a struggle over two opposing visions of the New World Order, and the future of the world we will live in. The competing visions are those of the Globalists and the Patriots. The ongoing struggle we see in the United States is also a struggle between Globalists and Patriots.

Patriots want to preserve the traditional international order of sovereign nation-states established with the Treaty of Westphalia 1648, and provided peace and stability even during the Cold War. Patriots want to defend national borders, economies, democracy, the balance of powers, constitution, rule of law, parliaments, governments, freedom of speech, cultural heritage, the family as the basic unit of society, etc.

The Globalists: The Alliance of Global Corporations and International Left

On the other side, we have the Globalists, an alliance of supranational corporations and the international left. This alliance wants to gradually abolish the nation-state, and replace it with Global Governance. Through a process they call globalization, our inherited protective mechanisms such as national borders, national economies, civil rights, free speech, democracy, cultural heritage, etc., with which nations defend the rights of their citizens against outside threats, are to be dissolved and replaced with a New World Order.

The Globalists' interests are not local or national, they are global – represented by supranational institutions like UN, EU, IMF, etc. as well as by so-called "Non-Governmental" but massively taxpayer-funded organizations like WEF, IFF, WHO, Foro de Sao Paulo, Grupo de Puebla, etc., by Big Tech, the new global bureaucracy of Global Governance, plus international think tanks run by Big Business and Big Finance.

Neo-Marxism is Globalist Eschatology

The alliance of the two globalist camps is united by a shared ideology: Neo-Marxism. Philosopher and totalitarianism expert Eric Voegelin calls it a gnostic ideology, one which promises heaven on earth, and liberation from all earthly pain and suffering. The price is the destruction of the sovereign nation-states with their old orders, traditions and symbols.

Russian General Gerasimov describes this three-step process in his doctrine of Hybrid Warfare:

1.) Destabilization of nation-states,

2.) Revolution or destruction of the old order

3.) Annexation and transition to the New Order.

The promised earthly paradise will never come about, of course, only the destruction of the old order.

The Currency Battle between Patriots and Globalists

At the center of this global struggle for the next 10 to 20 years is the question of which currency will be the international benchmark: The US Dollar or the Chinese Yuan. American MAGA patriots and Trump supporters want to defend not only the preeminence of their nation, but also the preeminence of the US Dollar as world reserve currency. For the globalists, it doesn't matter whether the Yuan or the Dollar win out in the long term. What matters to them is the abolition of the nation-state and replacement by Global Governance. As long as the world reserve currency serves this goal, it doesn't matter if it's American or Chinese, so long as the globalists' interests are protected.

The Threat of Global Hyperinflation

Even Twitter boss Jack...

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