My Word: Protests and Miss Frearson's Principle - opinion

Published date17 March 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
I couldn't tune out the news – it's an occupational hazard – but at some point I decided to close the list and concentrate on what I had, all of them serious topics

The question remained, where to begin. I was taken back in time: To the social protests that swept Israel (and much of the world) in 2011 and even further back, to an important lesson I learned in school. It was what I call Miss Frearson's Principle. I first wrote about it in the heat of the summer of 2011, when, like today, I saw many friends protesting without knowing exactly who was leading – or funding – the anti-government demonstrations. Even protests which start with the best of intentions and for the best of reasons, can get hijacked, I learned long ago at Copthall School in England.

One wintry day – particularly cold even by London standards – the window in our classroom broke. I was appointed by my classmates as the representative who should ask the headmistress that it be fixed.

I set off on my own down the long corridor, which always seemed to echo with the call: "No running, girls!" Along the way I was joined, or at least trailed, by an ever-growing number of pupils, each urging me to raise another demand (that we be allowed to wear trousers rather than skirts during the cold spell; that we be allowed to go home early; and other conditions which I've forgotten).

By the time I had reached Miss Frearson's office, there was quite a crowd – I think her word was "rabble" – some of whom had no idea of my original mission. "What are all you girls doing here?" Miss Frearson asked in her most English-headmistressy voice, and, as one, they disappeared – surprisingly quickly considering the no-running rule.

"Why did you bring so many girls with you to my office?" asked Miss Frearson when we were alone. I explained that it had been something like a snowball effect.

"Aah," sighed the Oxbridge-educated former history teacher. "Let that be a lesson to you. When you start a revolution, you never know who will join you on the way, or what the end result will be."

I don't remember if we got the window fixed, but Miss Frearson's warning remained with me.

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