Mounting tensions between Israel, Iran herald possible military showdown

Published date25 May 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
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"Iran has progressed in recent years with enriching uranium more than ever before," he said. "We are looking closely at the various arenas that are part of the path to nuclear capabilities. There are negative potential trends on the horizon that could lead to [us] acting. We have the capabilities."

Halevi further accused Iran of being involved in "everything around us and with everyone who is against us," including strategy, intelligence, and funding. "We have the capability to strike Iran. We are not aloof to what Iran is trying to do around us. Iran also cannot be aloof to what we can do against it."

Meanwhile, Prof. Mohammad Marandi, head of the North American Studies Department at the University of Tehran, is in Indonesia as part of the delegation accompanying President Ebrahim Raisi on his two-day visit to the Asian country. "The Israeli regime is growing more isolated. Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments in the Persian Gulf have evolved, Iran's relations with Asia powers are growing, and the Iranian president is currently visiting Indonesia," says Marandi.

Israel alleges that Iran is forming a united front and is preparing for a military confrontation on several fronts. "It's natural for the region to be united against apartheid and ethnic cleansing," Marandi told The Media Line.

Israeli officials' messages were not only directed at Iran but also other groups closely tied to the Islamic Republic, including Hezbollah. Marandi asserts that if Israel attacks Hezbollah, Iran will "of course" come to its aid. He dismissed the Israeli prime minister's statement saying, "We always surprise Iran, and we will surprise all of our enemies," as "bluster."

"He may push for confrontation to strengthen his own position at home, even though the regime would lose," he says.

Marandi said the growing threats confirm that "Israel is the basis of insecurity and stability in the region and reflects the depth of its internal problems."

"The Israeli regime would be on the losing end of any military exchange. Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, and the world knows about Iran's military capabilities," says Marandi.

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