MK Gafni: Lapid is very dangerous for the country

Published date03 October 2022
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
"I don't like his behavior towards Russia, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs jumping headfirst into the matter. This is a sensitive issue. Prime Ministers have always been careful when it came to foreign policy and there has always been moderation in their statements. But not only that, a Prime Minister who belittles things that are holy to Israel, when he is a Prime Minister who is supposed to represent everyone, he is not suitable," he stated

Gafni blasted Lapid, saying, "Yair Lapid sits and eats at a non-kosher restaurant with the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates. The Prime Minister of Israel, albeit a temporary prime minister, sits and eats at a non-kosher restaurant."

As for his loyalty to Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu, Gafni said in the interview that "we are going with the right-wing bloc in any way and in any form. And if, God forbid, there won't be 61, the bloc will meet and decide what to do next. This bloc will be made up of all the groups and parties that make up this bloc."


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