Likud MK: Barkat is whining like a child, the Likud is angry with Shaked

Published date05 August 2022
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
"I feel good, I've been in contact with the activists for eight years, I am doing work in the Knesset, I've been in almost every position within the movement and I've done a good job. I believe people appreciate that," Bitan told the Israel Hayom newspaper

When asked who he will support after Benjamin Netanyahu steps away, Bitan replied, "Yisrael Katz. He has fulfilled many roles very well, and he has also been my friend for 40 years. We worked together back when I started activities in Likud."

Bitan was asked what he thought of Nir Barkat and his claim that there are activists working behind the scene to hurt his chances of being ranked high in the primaries. "I don't support him. I've learned one thing, everyone cries. There are many people whose job it is to cry to get votes. This is a method that many people use in order to succeed. No one is working against him. Barkat should stop whining like a little child. Run in the proper manner and you will get results. To constantly say that 'people are getting back at me' - this is not the way."

If Netanyahu doesn't achieve a majority of 61 MKs to form a government, would this not be the time to take stock of whether he can continue to lead? To this question Bitan replied, "We are a democratic party. Netanyahu was elected, and he manages to bring an excellent result to the Likud. It is not easy to bring 35-36 seats, and he is slowly aiming for 61. Do you think it is easy? Today we are without Liberman and without Kahlon, and we have come close to 61 in the polls. We will reach the goal with Netanyahu, who has great support on the right. Why change a winning horse?"

"In order for Gantz to form a government with the haredim – he also needs the Likud. The haredim will not go with Lapid, Meretz...

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