Jewish rogues and extremists are the ones who get things done

Publication Date09 November 2021
AuthorJoe Ben Malin
Again, and again these fools prove to us that they don't care about turning Israel into a state that truly respects the Jewish religion and our Torah, they just want power and money,, and power and money is just what we are giving them by voting for them and by the religious figures backing them. Will this madness end? Will our so-called leaders step up and save us from this nightmare of the constant desecration of G-d's name or will they sit down and play politics? The answer is simple: all you've got to do is look at the past.

1937: David Raziel the proud leader of the Irgun underground army was criticized by the Jewish establishment for retaliating against constant Arab attacks. As the Haganah fell deeper into the pit of delusion Raziel was actually trying to make a difference, but that was not good enough for the guilt filled Jewish establishment. How dare us use common sense and fight back! How dare us stop the countless massacres which the Haganah has failed to do! Again, the Jewish leaders condemn us to failure and embarrassment.

1940: Avraham Stern, leader of the Lechi underground and continues the trend and defies the Jewish establishment along with almost all of the Israeli right. The Lechi in its essence is as rogue as you can get. By the time World War Two broke out everyone across the political spectrum including the Irgun was lobbying to help Britain with the war effort but not the Lechi. They stood their ground and continued fighting for a Jewish state even when their brothers and sisters were being put into the ovens and gas chambers. No matter what, the Stern Gang continued its struggle against the British for a free Israel against the...

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