Jerusalem elections: A look at the candidates and what they want

Published date17 September 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
The deadline to submit one's candidacy – for mayor and for the city council – is September 20

Who are the candidates for the city council?

* On Sunday, September 10, Moshe Lion presented his list, One Jerusalem. It is a gender-equal list, with three women in the top five places – a first in the capital.

* Yosi Havilio and Laura Wharton's united list was first joined by a representative of Yesh Atid and a representative of Labor, followed earlier this week, by a representative of A New Contract (a list of protest leaders in Jerusalem, led by Tomer Mintz).

* Hitorerut, the veteran local list was established 15 years ago. It brought to the council a group of young people who represented a variety of communities in Jerusalem, with an emphasis on the young generation. It made history in the municipality by attaining seven seats on the council in the last election.

* Yael Antebi traditionally runs as a representative of Pisgat Ze'ev. Starting this week, he will represent the Likud on the city council.

* Shas, Degel HaTorah, Agudat Israel, and Bnei Torah are waiting for their respective councils of sages – the rabbis who decide who will run on the lists and who will be at the head of them – to make a decision. Traditionally, these choices are made right before the last date for submission. This year, sources estimate that the lists will be compiled near Rosh Hashanah or immediately after the holiday.

* A candidate who refuses to reveal the people on his list for the time being is Deputy Mayor Arieh King, who is only willing to state that he will run at the head of a list called United with Arieh King.

* Deputy Mayor Hagit Moshe, who holds the Education portfolio, heads the religious list at Safra Square, under the title A National Religious Party – Religious Zionism Led by Hagit Moshe. Not all the names of the candidates can be published yet, but there are two women in the top five. Among the other candidates are Yehuda Freudiger, who is currently a council member; Tsachi Namir, vice president of Mobileye; and Rabbi Haim (Ian) Pear, spiritual head of the Shir Hadash community.

What is their plan?

Arieh King

Deputy Mayor King is promoting a plan in which Jerusalem remains united under any condition and in any situation.

King's plan is to keep "Jerusalem united, without compromise on tyranny and rule in all regions of the city and parts of the city." King also says he will take care of strengthening the Jewish majority in the city, to maintain the sanctity of Jerusalem and its identity as the capital of the Jewish people – meaning he is totally opposed to any initiative for the secular residents, such as the Shabbat bus launched by Hitorerut.

All this, while maintaining the quality and raising the standard of living, maintaining the quality of the environment, and putting residents first among all stakeholders in the city.

Yossi Havilio

Havilio, who until now was head of the Saving Jerusalem list, will lead, along with veteran council member and Democratic Jerusalem list leader Laura...

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