Israelis can travel with foreign passports until January 2023

Publication titleGlobes (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
Israelis who do not hold dual citizenship will be required to persist in trying to make an appointment to renew their passport and may be forced to travel some distance from where they live

An alternative is to take out a new passport at Ben Gurion airport on presentation of a ticket for a flight within 48 hours and pay NIS 820 (NIS 425 for under 18s) for a passport that is valid for one year. A regular passport costs NIS 275 (NIS 255 if paid for online) and NIS 145 for under 18s (NIS 125 paid for online). If you can wait for the winter before renewing your passport it will cost just NIS 160 and NIS 95 for under 18s.

Due to the heavy demand...

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