Israeli student hits teacher with brass knuckles in Abu Gosh high school, arrested

Published date23 January 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
The school closed shortly after the incident and will remain closed on Tuesday morning, the Israeli Teachers' Union announced in response to the violent incident in Abu Gosh

According to Israeli reports familiar with the incident, an initial altercation between the student and teacher occurred a few days prior to the attack.

Student takes revenge after teacher catches him cheating

The teacher was asked to supervise students, including the 17-year-old, as they took matriculation (bagrut) exams. During the exams, the teacher caught the student attempting to copy off of another student and prevented him from completing the test.

On Monday morning, the student reportedly attempted to enter the school to confront the teacher but was stopped at the entrance by the school's security guard. The 17-year-old eventually jumped over the fence and into the school, which was mostly empty due to matriculation exams being held at the time.

Once on school premises, the student then proceeded to search for the teacher across the school before beating him with brass knuckles. He was also found to have been carrying pepper spray in his backpack.

Following the attack, the student was arrested by police, who wrote in a statement that they will "continue to act against those involved in violent incidents on school premises and otherwise."

A huge spike in classroom violence across Israel

In the last few years, a huge spike in violence was observed in Israeli schools and educational institutions, according to an Ono Academic College study conducted last year.

Since the COVID-19...

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