Israeli startup Quantum Machines raises $50m

Publication Date09 September 2021
AuthorGlobes correspondent
Quantum Machines has launched the Quantum Orchestration Platform, and a programming language called QUA, which enables research groups to write algorithms that can be run on any quantum computer in the world of any kind. The advanced capabilities and infrastructure enable researchers to execute the highly complex algorithms necessary for tackling the most advanced challenges facing quantum computing, including quantum error correction, multi-qubit calibrations, and more. The new funds will be used to expand the company's growth into quantum cloud computing and drive its worldwide distribution including opening offices in additional countries.

Quantum Machines was founded in 2018 by CEO Dr. Itamar Sivan, CTO Dr. Yonatan Cohen, and chief engineer Dr. Nissim Ofek. Serial entrepreneur and investor Avigdor Willenz sits on the boared of directors.

Dr. Sivan said, "Quantum processors hold the potential for immense computational power, far beyond those of any classical processor we could ever develop, and they will impact each and every aspect of our lives. Given that we work with so many of the global leaders in the field, we are in an incredible position to make this happen sooner than ever believed possible. Our latest funding represents the largest ever investment in a non-full-stack quantum startup and is a major step...

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