Israeli insurtech co Vesttoo raises $80m at $1b valuation

Published date25 October 2022
Vesttoo's valuation as a unicorn is especially surprising when taking into account the slowdown in startup raising and that its most recent financing round was in November 2021, when Vesttoo raised $15 million, at a company valuation of $300 million. In August 2021, Vesttoo raised $6 million at a company valuation of $36 million, just a few months after raising money at a valuation of $22 million

Vesttoo was founded in 2018 by CEO Yaniv Bertele, CPO Alon Lifshitz, and CTO Ben Zickel. Bertele said, "The idea that the three of us had was to focus on an area where there was a financing gap and where it's possible to create investment opportunities in the capital market."

He added, "Our clients and equity partners understand the Vesttoo vision and the opportunity we provide, In a time rife with uncertainty, Vesttoo is showing resilience, financial strength and profitability, thanks to our compelling value proposition. Our AI-based marketplace is set to propel the insurance industry forward by better connecting risk to capital sourced from global...

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