Israel's masochism towards a Germany submitting to Islam

AuthorHoward Rotberg
Published date03 November 2021
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
In various essays such as "Germany's Moral Choice," "Munich 1972 and 2016," "A 'two-state solution for Germany and other Europeans," "War Memorials: Do Nazi and Islamist soldiers qualify?" "Slave Labor from Auschwitz to Mali"and the recent "Michelle Goldberg and Angela Merkel seek moral absolution in the wrong place," I have examined the current state of the German-Israeli relationship and challenged the notion that Germany still sees a "special relationship" with Israel arising out of the mass murder by the Nazis, tolerated by the German people.

I have given my attention to the immigration of Muslims, even Islamists, into Germany, meant to extend the rule of Islam into Europe (Eurasia) as part of the world-wide Caliphate, achieved by violent jihadism, Sharia law, and moral confusion in the West. If Germany appears to be casting aside any actual concrete steps to protect the so-called special relationship, then Israel shall have even worse problems with European complicity with Iran and with terrorists targeting Jewish civilians.

Israel must formulate the proper response to an Islamified Europe.

This visit in October 2021 took place during a time when Germany and other European countries continue to fund Palestinian Arab haters of Jews and continue to submit to Islamism within its own borders – and the Israelis compliment her over and over. Germany's submission to Islamism is clear. And Israel's behavior towards Merkel shows an abnormal psychological reaction akin to masochism.

What is it about the Israeli national character that it confuses opponents and friends? Why is it so important to Israelis to tolerate what can only be seen as words that are contravened by actions, when it comes to Germany's participation as a leading nation of the European Union.

Here is how Al-monitor saw the trip:

"President Isaac Herzog, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and all of his Cabinet ministers went out of their way to show appreciation for Merkel, considered in Jerusalem one of Israel's greatest friends on the international arena. In fact, Bennett cleared most of his day Oct. 10 to accompany Merkel on her visit."

After the first official meeting between Bennett and Merkel at the King David Hotel Jerusalem, Bennett tweeted, "Welcome to Israel, dear friend of Israel!"

The government then hosted Merkel at its weekly meeting, an honor rarely bestowed on visiting heads of state. Bennett said that the very diversified Israeli Cabinet is united in its appreciation for the role Merkel had played over the years in shaping and deepening ties between Israel and Germany. 'The bilateral relations during your tenure as chancellor became stronger than ever and transformed into a true friendship, thanks to your leadership,' Bennett told Merkel. He then said that his government greatly appreciates Merkel's standing commitment to Israel's security."

Continuing to heap praise on the German, Bennett said: "Sometimes a leader makes a major difference, and I think that your leadership paved the way to Germany's ongoing commitment to Israel's security,"

However, one must ask whether Germany has acted against Gazan missiles, Iranian missiles in Lebanon, Iranian nuclear threats, incitement to terrorism and all other matters that objectively reduce security in Israel.

It seems to me that Germany's actions do not equal its words. One can sympathize but not agree with Germany's dilemma in this new age of Jew-hatred. But the bigger question is why does Israel praise the words that conflict with actions? Is Oslo thinking still in effect? Why does Israel see "peace" in other nations that support, in one way or another, the Islamist jihad to rid the Middle East of Jews?

Is it a case of trying to look at the bright side to avoid creating any more rifts with the Germans? Or is it a matter of repressing the awful reality that for most of Jewish history, a substantial number of Jews have been murdered by antisemites, and that antisemites have come from all civilizations and all religions.

The Israeli New Jew and the American materialistic and tolerant Jew have for separate reasons entered a world of make believe.

The Hebrew Prophet, Jeremiah, who prophesized about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the conquest by the Babylonians, said in chapter 6, verses 10 to 14, in the Book of Jeremiah:

"(F)or I will stretch out my hand upon the inhabitants of the land, says the Lord.

For from the least of them even to the greatest of them everyone...

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