Iranian newspaper: Hitler was smarter and more courageous than current European leaders

Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
The article, which was published on Holocaust Memorial Day, stated that Hitler was "smarter and more courageous" than current European leaders because he "expelled" the Jews from Germany, according to JPost

"The logic that Hitler showed by expelling them from Germany is that he is smarter and more courageous than all current European leaders," read the article.

"Hitler expelled [the Jews] and European countries live by ransom and confirm the myth of the Holocaust, they look for an excuse for their cowardice and humiliation, otherwise if they knew the Jews as the Ukrainian blue-eyed immigrants, even in words and slogans, they would keep them among themselves and free them from this misery and anxiety," it added.

The article said that Jews "corrupt the earth; Their scholars are involved in distortion, usury, fornication, killing the prophet and murder; They have also laid the foundation for the murder of Shiite Imams."

The article additionally warned that the "the usurping Zionist regime, which has usurped the land of Muslim, Christian and Jewish Arabs in Palestine and gathered its population from the streets of the Soviet Union and Europe and intends to impose it on the...

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