In-Bound Relocation And Employing Foreign National Experts In Israel

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In recent years, Israel has become a desired destination for technology companies, venture capital firms, and the global high-tech/innovation community in its entirety. Similarly, some international Energy, Infrastructure, and Projects sectors have increased their presence in Israel's economy. Amongst various comprehensive projects carried out in Israel are the light rail in Gush Dan, the light rail in Jerusalem, and the establishment of power stations and desalination facilities.

These occurrences, alongside the arrival of additional international corporations such as Amazon, Google and others to the local market, necessitate the employment of foreign national experts who have a unique work experience, distinct specialties, and a knowledge which is essential and critical to the successful initiation and implementation of these projects as well as to the expansion of this international presence in Israel's economy.

Essentially, most of the 'foreign national experts' hold exceptional knowledge and talents that do not exist in the target country of employment, and without which it would not be possible to conduct the necessary work. Pursuant to this, a foreign national expert is defined as a foreign worker who is granted a preferred employment status, compared to that of most foreign workers.

The foreign national expert may be employed by either a local company or a foreign firm requesting the expert's arrival. In these instances, the foreign company sponsors the request and submits it to the relevant entities. The employment procedure of foreign national workers, and specifically that of foreign national experts, is managed by a series of rules and regulations, i.e., the Entry into Israel Law, Entry Regulations, and the Foreign Workers Law. One should also consider the procedures of the Israeli Ministry of Interior, and various government decisions and rulings, as well as policies that tend to shift from time to time.

The employment of a foreign expert in Israel requires the issuance of a work permit as well as a corresponding work visa. The procedure is considered a relatively-lengthy bureaucratic process which involves several steps and may extend for over three-months' period. Accordingly, it is recommended to pre-plan these procedures as soon as possible.

The Work Permit & Work Visa include the following steps:

Submitting a work permit application to the Permits Unit at the Population and Immigration Authorities.


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