Halliburton VP: Innovation can drive the energy industry forward

Published date31 May 2023
Lopez introduced Halliburton, which is no ordinary global service company for oil and gas fields. "We are the pioneers who play a crucial role in providing access to reliable energy," he said. "Our constant commitment is to push the boundaries of innovation, and entrepreneurship as the beating heart that moves us forward."

The task of constructing and creating wells is complex, he explained, and involves techniques from physics, earth science, chemistry, materials science, mechanical engineering, electricity and software.

A shining example of Halliburton's unwavering dedication is the partnership with Energian in the Mediterranean, he emphasized, where the partnership has succeeded in promoting mutual growth and unleashing the fresh potential of the energy resources in the flourishing region of the Middle East.

Commitment to Innovation

Lopez stressed the importance of entrepreneurship in the energy sector. He said, "We must not underestimate the central role of entrepreneurship and innovation in driving the energy industry forward. Faced with global challenges such as energy security and the urgent need for lower carbon solutions, we care discovering breakthrough solutions through the spirit of entrepreneurship and the audacity of innovative thinking."

From advanced drilling technologies to digital solutions that optimize production, Lopez showcased Halliburton's commitment to innovation. "These initiatives increase efficiency," he said...

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