Gal Gadot on Holocaust Remembrance Day: I pray that we stop the bloodshed

Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
"This is my grandpa, Abraham Weiss, he was born as Adolf Weiss but changed his name after the war for obvious reasons."

"My grandpa was born in Czechoslovakia also known as the Czech Republic."

"His father was drafted into the army and never returned, and so his mother was left with 2 young boys, Abraham, My grandpa, and Benjamin."

"After a long journey on the train to Auschwitz, being squeezed together with an inhuman amount of people in a railroad car, he was separated for the last time from his mother and younger brother. In what is called 'the selection'."

"He never saw them again."

"In no time he became a 13 year old orphan who spent every day trying to survive, the sights he saw, the horrors he went through are unimaginable."

"For years he didn't talk about it, only after my grandma passed he realized how short life is and how important it is to tell the story so history will never repeat itself."

"NO ONE, should ever be...

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