For the first time, Democrats sympathize more with Palestinians than with Israel, poll finds

Published date17 March 2023
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
Asked, "In the Middle East situation, are your sympathies more with the Israelis or more with the Palestinians?" 49% of Democrats sympathized more with the Palestinians and 38% sympathized more with the Israelis. An additional 13%, according to the poll, sympathized with neither, both or had no opinion. It was the first time since at least 2001 that more Democrats sympathized with the Palestinians than with the Israelis

Majority of Americans still sympathize more with Israelis than Palestinians

Sympathy for Israelis among Republicans remains strong, with 78% sympathizing more with the Israelis and 11% sympathizing more with Palestinians. Among independents, 49% sympathize with the Israelis and 32% with the Palestinians. Overall, a majority, 54%, of Americans sympathize more with Israelis and 31% sympathize more with Palestinians.

"The resulting 23-point gap in Americans' sympathy for Israel versus the Palestinians represents Israel's slimmest advantage on this question in Gallup's World Affairs poll trend," Gallup said. "It is also the first time Israel has not enjoyed a better than 2-to-1 advantage over the Palestinians in Americans' sympathies."

Majorities of both Republicans and Democrats view Israel favorably, according to Gallup. Overall, with 68% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the country. Among Republicans, 82% view Israel favorably, and the figure among Democrats is 56%.

Last year, sympathies among Democrats in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict were virtually tied, with 40% sympathizing more with Israelis and 38% sympathizing more with the Palestinians. A decade ago, 55% of Democrats sympathized more with Israel, and 19% sympathized more with the Palestinians. Israel's positive margin in the survey has progressively declined since then.

The trend in recent years, Gallup said in its release Thursday, has been toward increased sympathy toward the Palestinians, but it did not detail what caused the 11% surge in sympathy for the Palestinians among Democrats in the past year.

Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians have intensified over the past year. More than a dozen Israelis have died in attacks this year while dozens of Palestinians...

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