Florida man arrested for hanging swastikas, neo-Nazi flags on bridge

Published date17 September 2023
Brown, a member of the antisemitic group 'Black Sun', hung banners displaying swastikas and racist messages on June 10

Brown will be charged with criminal mischief and three other neo-Nazi demonstrators have had warrants issued for their arrest.

Under Governor Ron DeSantis' House Bill 269, individuals and groups require permission to display or project images onto property or structures. This has allowed Brown to be charged, for what would otherwise be considered free speech under the 1st amendment.

Official responses to the arrest

"We want to thank Governor DeSantis for his support of law enforcement and for the signing of HB 269, giving us the tools to arrest this hate-filled radical," said FDLE Commissioner Mark Glass. "This activity will not be tolerated in the greatest state in the country, Florida."

"Florida is a law-and-order state. Today's arrest demonstrates Florida's commitment to protecting residents from...

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