Fabric teams with Maersk on Dallas robotic warehouse

Published date13 September 2023
Fabric CEO Avi (Jack) Jacoby said, "With our proven track record of operating our state-of-the-art facilities for the past five years, we have honed our capabilities to make each piece of the fulfillment process work together seamlessly to enable retailers to unlock the business value of fulfillment automation. Teaming up with Maersk allows each company to do what it does best, with the ultimate goal of offering retailers unprecedented value and service."

Maersk global head of innovation - logistics & services Erez Agmoni said, "The growth of e-commerce continues to reshape the retail landscape. As we look to help our customers streamline their supply chains end-to-end, we see Fabric's automated fulfillment solution as one that is highly capable of meeting the demand for efficient warehousing and fulfillment where labor and real estate resources are scarce."

Fabric, which was founded in 2015 by the brothers CEO Elram and Eyal Goren, Ori Avraham and Shay Cohen, has established itself as a market leader in the on-demand fulfillment space. Fabric has leveraged its proprietary robotic micro-fulfillment technology stack designed from the ground up to make on-demand...

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