Evyatar: Religious Zionism MK sets up office in evacuated Samarian town

AuthorHezki Baruch
Published date02 March 2023
Publication titleIsrael National News (Israel)
IDF forces securing Evyatar, whose residents have been evicted multiple times, most recently this week, allowed Sukkot to enter and set up his office, while limiting his staff to a single aide

"It's time we returned to Evyatar," Sukkot said, speaking from the site. "In addition to the security steps taken against terrorism, this is the right and proper settlement answer to all those attempting to uproot us from the Land of Israel and from Samaria in particular.

"I set up my office here in Evyatar in order to monitor the implementation of the coalition agreement signed with our party, from up-close," he added. "This is one 'stone' on the way to our complete return to the community, as was agreed and as must be.

"I am working with all my might to ensure that the government keeps its promises and establishes a permanent community here," Sukkot stressed. "The Settlement...

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