"EVs could cause Israel's electric grid to collapse"

Published date22 June 2022
Publication titleGlobes (Rishon LeZion, Israel)
Abudi told the Kenese Group's Israel Energy and Business Conference, "The rapid entry of electric vehicles - the rate of entry has doubled itself in the past year alone - will bring us to a situation in which there won't be the electricity supply to allow charging of all the electricity vehicles in the country. In order for it not to happen at the last minute in this way, it is important to remove the obstacles ahead of time and prepare for the situation. Today proper regulations do not exist in the field and people are installing charging points, without taking into account the supply situation in the building, and in the future this will result in a situation in which the electricity grid will collapse and in more extreme cases, human life will be endangered."

Israel has set a target for 2030, in which 30% of the electricity in Israel will be produced from renewable energy, with an intermediary target of 20% by 2025. However, as time passes, the various players in the electricity grid understand that progress has not been sufficient and regulatory arrangements must be introduced more quickly. Kenes Group's Israel Energy and Business Conference discussed the opportunities and the solutions in the field.

In terms of the use of renewable energy systems for producing electricity and expanding the electricity grid, Israel still lags behind, especially when compared with the countries of Western Europe. As part of a panel that discussed the issue of energy storage at the Israel Energy and Business Conference, experts spoke about the options and the solutions offered by the storage market.

Abudi said, "There is today a delay in consignments of storage systems that come from China and this slows down the pace of the supply chain and prevents the market from advancing. We at Tadiran ship about 10,000 containers each year and that allows us to bring equipment to Israel in the quickest way and to provide our customers with the equipment within the required time. In addition, the engineering design that we implement for storage systems significantly saves in costs for new and existing developers in the electricity grid market and this allows them, unlike in the past, to strive to close as...

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