Elbit Systems hires hundreds through social media

Published date31 October 2023
A short while after the start of the war, the company posted ads on social media for suitable candidates over 18 to commit to work at its production plant in Ramat Hasharon for a period of two months for the IDF, and recruited suitable employees

The ads had the telephone number of Elbit Land Division's VP human resources and promised budding employees eight hours work per day, plus overtime, and all social benefits.

Elbit Systems told "Globes," "Elbit Systems has mobilized to support the needs of the IDF and is working on an emergency 24/7 footing. As part of this we have call;ed on available employees to join our ranks."

At the end of 2022, Elbit Systems, led by CEO Bezhalel Makhlis, had 18,407 employees worldwide. The plant in Ramat Hasharon was formerly part of Israel Military Industries (IMI), which Elbit acquired five years ago from the government for NIS 1.9 billion, and which became part of Elbit's Land Division. IMI develops and...

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