Due to worrisome reason, the 'Entrance to Hell' in Russia is sealed

Published date14 May 2024
Publication titleJerusalem Post, The: Web Edition Articles (Israel)
The hole was a man-made creation through drilling, creating a depth of over 12 kilometers; which is the height of Mount Everest and Mount Fuji combined

According to the BBC, locals say the hole, located near the Kola Peninsula in northwest Russia, is so deep they can hear the screams of souls from hell. This hole is incredibly deep and narrow, with a width no larger than an average dinner plate.

It took nearly 20 years to drill so deep, but the hole is only a third of the way through Earth's crust with temperatures reaching 180 degrees Celsius (356 degrees Fahrenheit.)

Unraveling the Earth's depths

It's the deepest man-made hole on Earth, made in a project between May 24, 1970, and 1989. Multiple boreholes were drilled throughout the years branching from a central shaft, with the deepest being drilled in 1989 and reaching 12,262 meters, remaining the deepest artificial point on Earth to this day.

Drilling halted due to extreme heat at a depth of 12.5 km beneath the Earth's surface, causing drilling equipment to malfunction. Despite the impressive depth achievement, it only reached a quarter of Earth's crust that has an average thickness of 30 km. In 1994, drilling officially ceased, and Russia awaited scientific advancements to continue drilling.

A young scientist who worked on a similar borehole project in Germany commented on the Russian hole saying, "When the Russians began drilling, they claimed to have found abundant water, but most scientists didn't believe it. There was a prevailing understanding among Western scientists that the crust was so dense 5 km down that water couldn't penetrate it."

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